For the purpose of harmony. Because you know you the best!
You want a concept:


The interior and the decoration should fit perfectly, every details count.


Nice to look at it on a daily basis.


According to your own personal style or a theme that suits you.


Your interior will be uniquely made for you keeping in mind that you should be pleased visually and your interior should be the most comfortable because you worth it!

Why should you contact us for your interior design?

You own a house on the Cote d’Azur and you want to re-design it but you are not sure to be able to do it by yourself? You want a bit of modernity and comfort in your apartment or house but you are scared of the work? You don’t know to who entrust your interior design? You have no idea about the materials to choose for the decoration, which furniture to buy to provide a coherent final result? The HGC team will be happy to help you. CONTACT-US

This is how we do it

To start, we create project-specific drawings in due form, for the space to decorate. If you like the concept, we will give you a more detailed plan including:
Detailed plans and drawings of the space and structures.
The disassembly and planification of the new construction, doors, niches and of any other relevant elements.
The detailed concept of the engineering communications, including additional templates, calculations and specifications.
The future plan of the lighting, intakes and switches location and other elements regarding the network.
We will advise you regarding the selection of construction materials (floor and wall coverings, windows, doors, lighting, furniture and decoration).
3D visualizations of your future interior.

We mobilize our skills regarding the decoration.
Rely on our proved professionalism!

All our team is aware of the work to do and knows perfectly its work.

Save time on furniture, materials and decoration research… HGC is taking care of everything!

It’s a profitable investment that allowing you to maximize value of your apartment or house (twice the value depending of the work done).

A coherent result that will reflect your personality.

Specific time frames, dependable timetables without any interruption, except in cases of ‘force majeure’.

Once we agreed on the estimate, we immediately coordinate the work, under continued monitoring of our interior design specialist in order to get the final result in line with the initial project.

Main stages

Step 1: Project outline or model.
It will allow you to evaluate the professionalism of our designer, understand the project and how he succeeds to personalize your apartment or house fitting to your wishes.

Step 2: 3D visualization of your future interior.
This will allow you to see all the details (layout, decoration, colors, etc.). At this stage you can make whatever amendments you want.

Step 3: Project coordination, plan preparation and estimate.
After taking all advance measures and having all necessary approvals, we will offer you all the technical documentation of the project (furniture arrangement, location of sockets and switches, etc.) No worries we will explain you everything clearly.

Step 4: Execution of works under the supervision of our design specialist to ensure parties meet deadlines.

Step 5: Decoration. Your interior is ready for the decoration.
Our specialist will set up everything (photos, paintings, statuettes, decorative objects, etc.). The result will be comfortable, nice and will reflect your personality and spirit.

How much do our services cost?

In order to get an exact price, we must first of all examine your project. Estimates are provided free of charge and carried out by a design specialist who will help you to make a choice for your project and will take care of all the necessary documents by following your budget.